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H2B Visa Holder Overstaying Visa

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I am a business owner and have applied and received H2b visas for my employees over the last 4 years. I have reason to believe that 2 of my employees from the previous year have overstayed there visas.

they are from Mexico. Before making the appointments for them, I wanted to be sure they did return before there visas expired on the 15th of Dec.

question is, would they have a a page of there passport stamped if they returned to Mexico legally. If not, would they have been given something else so that they could prove to me they didn't overstay visa before I make an appointment just to have them rejected when they go to get processed at the US consulate in Mexico. I would ask them to overnight some proof to me.


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    • They may have received a passport stamp in Mexico; some nations (and some border crossings) are less diligent about stamping than others. There may be a notation in their passports from when they turned in their I-94's but I can't guarantee that either.

      I take it that they would have crossed by car, such that there wouldn't be any other evidence of their travel (such as airline receipts).

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